PWUAAC Online Chats


ISAAC invites people who use AAC to meet online for our informal chats.

Kevin Williams will be the moderator for the next chat, scheduled for: 

Monday, August 10th, 2020 @ 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT 

Click here for a list of world start times

Google Hangouts is described as “a video meeting experience with one goal: make joining meetings effortless.” You can join the meeting using any Google account you may already have.

Here is the link to join the meeting in Google Hangouts.

If you wish to connect using your telephone only, telephone numbers and instructions can be found by clicking here. Note: Telephone numbers are provided by Google – not by ISAAC.  As a result, not every country in the world has its own local dial-in number.

Instructions for how to set up a Google account (if you do not already have one) are available at:

To reduce audio feedback, head phones are recommended. They aren’t required, but it’s just easier for everyone. Another recommendation is that if you are physically able to mute your microphone, please do so until you’re ready to speak.


We recognize that some participants need more time to prepare their thoughts for the chat. So here are some general topics we would like to discuss with you on the upcoming chat. You can use the general topics to compose a prepared message. Please remember this chat is a conversation limited to one hour. Keep your message concise as possible, and be ready to have a discussion.

We may not be able to get to everyone’s message in one-hour chat, especially when a topic sparks a good conversation that many people are commenting on. If you having something prepared that we didn’t have time for, please let me know by sending an email to and we’ll make sure you get a chance to speak the next available chat.

Topic 1: Introductions

We are interested in knowing who you are: your name, where you’re from, and anything that you would like to share about yourself. Let’s introduce ourselves!

Topic 2: AAC Awareness Month

What should the theme be? How will you celebrate the month? Are there individuals involved in national, regional, or community events highlighting AAC that we should focus and promote?

Topic 3: Talent and skills

What talent and skills you have and how do you utilize them in your daily life?

See you on August 10th!


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