ISAAC International is pleased to be managing 2017 membership sign-up and renewals on behalf of our US Chapter, USSAAC.

  • Please click here for the official announcement from Lateef McLeod, USSAAC President, 2016 – 2018 (PDF, 223 kB)

It is MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL time! USSAAC and ISAAC’s membership year is January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. Join now to get the full benefits of your 2017 membership.

Renew Membership

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Alternatively, you can return your completed USSAAC Membership Form with your payment (in Canadian funds only, by way of international bank draft or money order) to ISAAC International at 312 Dolomite Drive, Suite 216, Toronto, ON M3J 2N2, Canada. If you prefer to pay by credit card (VISA or MasterCard only), please enter the credit card details on page two of the Membership Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MEMBERSHIP FEES: All membership fees and journal subscriptions will be charged to your credit card in Canadian dollars. Currently, the value of the U.S. dollar is approximately 35% to 40% higher relative to the Canadian dollar. While the costs may look higher than you expect, this is due to the exchange rate between the two currencies and does not reflect a significant increase in USSAAC’s membership fees for 2017. When you receive your credit card statement, the amount will be converted into US dollars by your credit card company, at the exchange rate in effect on the day the transaction is processed. Check the terms of your credit card to learn whether or not the issuing bank will charge a conversion fee.


USSAAC offers six membership categories:

  • Professional (with or without the AAC Journal)
  • People who use AAC and their families
  • Student (full-time)
  • Institutional
  • Corporate
  • Retired

Among the benefits you will receive from joining USSAAC are:

  • Full membership in ISAAC, which includes reduced fees for conferences and publications.
  • Significant reduction in conference fees at the upcoming ISAAC 2018 Biennial Conference in Gold Coast, Australia (July 21-26, 2018). Go to for more information
  • Access to USSAAC’s FREE (to members) Webinar Series. In 2017, we will again be offering a webinar series. Accessible webinars are archived at Note also that members get priority when registering for webinars as they are often quickly fully booked. ASHA CEUs are offered for each webinar.
  • SPEAK UP! A FREE USSAAC publication that features articles by people who use AAC, family members, inter-professional practitioners, researchers, educators. Up-to-date information that address the policies and practices that impact USSAAC’s members. Go to
  • Significant reduction in fees for ISAAC’s AAC, the Journal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. A “must have” and major source of research information in our field. Go to; Access to free downloads from ISAAC and USSAAC websites. Go to and and
  • ASHA CEUs. Ability to earn CEUs for a nominal fee or at no charge. Now available for USSAAC’s webinar series and at some conferences (e.g., at ATIA, ISAAC Biennial Conference, etc.).
  • Participation in USSAAC Committees. USSAAC volunteers work together to make a difference. Join, have fun, meet new people and develop your leadership skills.
  • Ongoing communication exchange with others in the AAC community, both local, national and international. USSAAC keeps in touch with its members through Facebook, Twitter, USSAAC’s website and periodic emails.

If you have any questions, email us at