International activities (BUILD)

BUILD is a committee that focuses on the work of the AAC Emerging Countries, finding practical ways  to offer them support.  The BUILD AAC Project supports the development of services in emerging AAC countries, by

  • Forming collaborative partnerships to encourage ISAAC membership from emerging AAC countries,
  • Coordinating funding for people from emerging AAC countries to attend ISAAC biennial conferences,
  • Distributing information relating to its discussion topics by electronic and other forms of communication.

At each biennial conference, the BUILD Committee hosts a meeting that brings people together to network, support and learn from each other. At ISAAC 2018 on the Gold Coast, Australia, the BUILD meeting has been scheduled for:

Thursday, July 26th, 12:45 to 14:00 in Room 7.

In the following video, BUILD Chair Sarah Yong talks about what BUILD is, and what it means to her. She also shares her excitement about our first-ever ISAAC Conference to be held in the Asia-Pacific region:


For information on programs that support ISAAC membership for individuals from emerging AAC countries, see Individual Members.

Visit BUILD on Facebook, and join the ISAAC BUILD RESOURCES group to share information of interest to emerging AAC countries.