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Voices: An innovative path for expression

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The Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) is engaged in empowering persons with disabilities to be self-reliant and ensure their equal participation in society. Ankur, the disabled rights group of IICP, including a bright group of young AAC users, was formed with the same conviction.
IICP believes in nurturing the potential talents of all persons with disabilities. Thus it conceived an innovative and dynamic space called the Media Lab. The space uses the National Resource Centre for AAC (NRCAAC) in IICP.
Ankur members went through intensive workshops to learn about different forms of art and media that initiated this creative space. They learnt to express their imagination through text, visuals, sounds and animations. They also learnt to critically appreciate various contents and forms through continuous discourse which helped to enrich socio-cultural awareness.
Thus the space develops the power and technique of expressions for AAC users and empowers them. Being a part of NRCAAC hi-tech and lo-tech AAC systems are used effectively to express their creativity. Media Lab successfully develops literacy, employment and leisure skills for the members. It builds effective peer relationships between AAC users and their speaking interpreters.
Since ‘Ankur’ believes in the rights of all marginalized groups, this platform is also a perfect tool to voice self-advocacy and disability rights issues in an captivating way participating in the social network.This continuously evolving creative journey helps in self-realization and self-confidence not only for people who use AAC but for ALL irrespective of disabilities.


Jeeja Ghosh    
Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy

Swati Chakraborty    
Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy


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