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Trying to Stay In-Time: Review and Study of SGD Use During In-Person Interaction

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In an increasingly mediated society, common solutions for individuals who experience significant communication challenges have been technological in nature. Speech Generating Devices are often recommended for individuals with ALS, cerebral palsy, autism and other challenges to offset their communication problems. However, careful analyses of the situated social interactions involving these "augmented speakers" suggests that the underlying design paradigm of ​speech generating devices provides a poor fit for the interaction tasks at-hand, and in fact, may be an additional source of communication impairment. The intent of this presentation talk is to show how individuals work with, through and against their speech generating devices to engage in collaborative talk. 


Jeff Higginbotham    
University at Buffalo
United States

Katrina Fulcher - Rood    
SUNY - Fredonia / Communicative Disorders and Sciences
United States

Jennifer Seale    
University at Buffalo
United States


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