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Towards Getting it 'Write': Designing Effective Writing Instruction for Students with CCN and SSPI

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All students, including those with severe speech and physical impairments (SSPI) with complex communication needs (CCN) who use AAC, need access to effective writing instruction that supports active engagement in authentic and meaningful writing experiences. This session describes an instructional approach for elementary students with SSPI as they learn to write for varied purposes, text types, and audiences while concurrently learning to access and use a range of AAC tools, strategies and devices. We describe key evidence-based frameworks, principles, and practices for writing instruction that provide a context for high-quality, differentiated writing instruction for students who use AAC. We demonstrate how educators can provide innovative and engaging writing experiences while working towards conventional literacy and the development of communicative competence. With general education instructional frameworks as starting points, educators can design effective writing programs for elementary students who use customized access techniques, strategies, and AAC systems. Participants are guided through a range of considerations for selecting appropriate accommodations and writing tools for writers with CCN, with an emphasis on developmentally early writing stages and beginning writers. This session incorporates videos, photos, and case examples to demonstrate just how educators can provide meaningful writing experiences while working towards conventional literacy acquisition and the development of communicative competence with students with CCN.


Holly Peartree    
The Bridge School
United States


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