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The attitudes toward and perceived communicative competence of individuals with aphasia using speech gnerating devices

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This study investigated the effects of AAC message organization strategies (i.e., taxonomic grids and visual scenes)on the attitudes toward and communicative competence of individuals with aphasia. Specifically, participants viewed two digital recordings of an individual with aphasia interacting with a communication partner using either a taxonomic grid display or visual scene display strategy. The respondents were requested to complete the Communicative Competence (CC) scale and the Attitudes Toward Nonspeaking Persons (ATNP) scale. Data were analyzed using a multivariate analysis of variance. Results indicated that the CC scale is a reliable and valid measure of communicative effectiveness for individuals with aphasia who use speech-generating devices. There was also a significant (p <.05) main effect for message organization strategy. Visual scene displays had a significantly
(p <.05) more favorable impact on communicative competence ratings than taxonomic grid displays.


Kristofer Brock    
California State University, Fullerton
United States

Rajinder Koul    
Texas Tech University HSC
United States

Melinda Corwin    
Texas Tech University HSC
United States

Ralf Schlosser    
Northeastern University
United States


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