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Someone like Thomas Banks

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I have spent the last 5 years developing a one man theatre show with Platform Youth Theatre called “Someone like Thomas Banks”. This project examines my world as a young man with a disability who happens to be gay. It points to my direct experiences of my life and the reality of being homosexual in a small regional town. While there are serious moments in this play, the overall story is fun, light hearted and dynamic. Just like my personality.
Someone like Thomas Banks incorporates the mechanics of using AAC into the show through a live camera focused directly onto the AAC device to help the audience to understand how it works.
My intention in 2010 when I started the project was always to develop an advocacy tool which sat alongside the performance, which is my own training business in Australia called Centre for Access. We deliver workshops to teach people about how to better communicate to strengthen their communities.
In this 2 hour interactive workshop, I propose to discuss Someone like Thomas Banks and the journey over the last 5 years. I want to talk about my growth as a person, as an advocate, as a businessman through my involvement in this project. I want talk about the content of the play and why it’s important. I want to empower other AAC users to share their own unique experiences because sometimes their voices remain unheard.


Thomas Banks    
Centre for Access


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