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Improving Professional Development for School Staff: Supporting AAC Users in the Classroom

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Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) can be invaluable in allowing children with severe communication impairments to express themselves. However, providing the appropriate piece of technology alone is often insufficient. It has been suggested that the success of a communication interaction between an AAC user and a communication partner will depend heavily on the skills of the communication partner (Kent-Walsh & McNaughton, 2005). This presentation will provide participants with an overview of an evidence-based school training protocol, which has been used successfully with personnel in a variety of educational settings. Participants will learn the steps involved to be able to model in their classrooms. Research regarding the effectiveness of this training protocol will be reported.


Jill Senner    
Technology and Language Center, Inc.
United States

Baud Matthew    
Niles Township District for Special Education
United States


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