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In 2014, we presented this paper at the UK chapter of ISACC, Communication Matters conference. It was so well received we were invited back, to deliver this paper again at CM2015 for all the delegates as the evening entertainment. The feedback we received was amazing and as a result we are currently being asked to deliver ‘Sign Out Loud’ throughout the UK.
The aim of the session is to share with the audience how we have inspired our college community to embrace signing and transfre skills learnt in 'Sign Out Loud' into the classroom and beyond.
This will be a practical session, we’ll share with you the tecniques, use to enable the college community to learn and use sign every day.
Makaton is used in over 43 countries throughout the world. Makaton supports people who have difficulties with both expressive and receptive language. Many people who use high-tech AAC use sign as a way to support their communication when the aid is not available to them. Students and staff here at college are encouraged to choose songs they love and we translate these suggestions into sign. These are then taught to the staff and students during the session.
Songs are repeated weekly and people who attend the session have reported that the feel the repetition of the signs really helps them learn.
'Sign Out Loud' has been embraced by both staff and students, we would like to share the success with ISAAC 2016.


Sally Featon    
Scope Beaumont College
United Kingdom

Kate McCallum    
Scope Beaumont College
United Kingdom


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