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ALL: Accessible Literacy Learning for ALL Learners

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Reading is critical to any learner’s success both in the classroom and in meeting life goals. The Accessible Literacy Learning Reading Program Software Edition, developed by researchers Janice Light and David McNaughton of Penn State University, is a unique program designed to teach literacy skills to students with a wide range of disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and developmental apraxia. ALL is an evidence based approach that has proven highly effective in helping students with disabilities learn to read basic words and sentences. ALL was specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals who require AAC, as well as individuals with complex communication and physical access challenges. This program is now offered in a new software version that makes it easier than ever for professionals to present the program and for learners to benefit from the instruction. Now that it is available in software form, the program can appear on a communication device (using touch, scanning, or eyegaze) for seamless integration of both language tools and educational supports.

This session will highlight what’s included in the new software version of the Accessible Literacy Learning Reading Program Software Edition, and share the stories of several individuals with varied needs and backgrounds in using the system. The experiences of these users will be explored and specific outcomes in literacy and writing skills will be shared. Video of the individuals highlighted in the session will bring life and concrete examples to their experiences.


Marleah Herman-Umpleby    
United States


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