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Using Data Visualization with AAC Devices across Different Languages

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A number of AAC devices can collect client-generated language and using such data can help inform decisions about intervention. The authors have developed an online tool that can turn the raw numerical data from some devices and apps into more intuitive graphic representations. The system was initially designed to analyze English but has been extended to work with German, and a Spanish version is in development. The structure of the system is such that other languages can be added by changing the underlying databases. In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to explore how this online tool can be used by parents and professionals to work closely on developing and tracking intervention plans; how clinicians with clients using multiple devices and apps can track change using a single interface; how professionals working over long distances can use the system as a component of a tele-rehab approach; and how international collaborators can share and see the same near real-time client data for consultation purposes.


Russell Cross    
Prentke Romich Company
United States

Paul Andres    
Prentke Romich Deutschland GmbH


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