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Creatively Implement Communication in the Classroom

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Communication tools and curricula can support students’ learning, both in and outside the classroom. Discussion will include AAC tools and strategies that students with complex communication needs use to become more active participants while communicating and engaged in learning. Video examples highlighting research-based curricula and successful interactions will be shared
Ideas to participate in literacy, math, and science activities will be highlighted. Strategies for providing individuals of various abilities with access to technology, communication, and vocabulary for language development and participation will be discussed. Implementing AAC has its challenges; however, this session is focused on creating successful interactions with communication partners, including peers and adults, across ages and settings that those in attendance can implement immediately upon returning to their schools.
As SLPs, there is a need to continue the quest to provide successful interactive AAC services, regardless of the tools we choose to use. To achieve communicative competence (Janice Light) we must continue to provide rich language intervention that targets language development and provides opportunities for all students to communicate and participate in their classrooms, vocational settings, and throughout the day.


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