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Importance of Interactions: A Few Examples of Unaccidental Encounters

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My name is Michał Woźniak. I would say my life is an exciting adventure. I like to set my sights on ambitious aims and I will do just about anything to attain my goals when I have found them. But sometimes I cannot get rid of the impression that it is my goals that find me, not the other way round.
Who am I? An active member of the Polish AAC organization “Mówić bez słów” (Speak without words), I study physics at the Warsaw University, but first and foremost I interact with the society at large. In my presentation, I will to attempt to explain how the various interactions have shaped me by giving me an incentive to take various actions. One of my secondary school teachers presented me with a very wise sentence: “There is not, has never been or will ever be a person like you are today”.
What has made me the person I am today? To answer that question I will refer not to genetics but to a number of unique persons I have come across my way.


Michal Wozniak    
Mówić Bez Słów Association


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