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Teaching Young Children to Ask Inverted Yes-No Questions using Apps: An Aided AAC Modeling Intervention

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Children with complex communication needs are a risk for poor expressive language outcomes. The aims of this investigation are to evaluate: (a) the impact of an aided AAC modeling intervention incorporating contrastive targets and concentrated modeling on the productive use of a range of simple auxiliary ‘to be’ declaratives and yes-no questions by 5 year olds with receptive language skills within normal limits, and (b) participant ability to generalize to productive use of both closely related and less related untrained linguistic structures. An experimentally controlled single-case, multiple-probe across participants design is employed within this investigation. Participants all use Prologuo2Go on iPads for aided communication. Results from pre-intervention dynamic assessment sessions will be presented, along with findings for: (a) the main dependent variables (i.e., aided production of ‘to be’ declaratives and ‘yes-no’ questions), and (b) generalization variables (i.e., aided production of a range of linguistic structures with closely related and less related, form and syntax). Conclusions, clinical applications, and directions for future research in AAC language intervention will be covered.


Jennifer Kent-Walsh    
University of Central Florida & FAAST
United States

Cathy Binger    
University of New Mexico
United States

Nancy Harrington    
University of Central Florida & FAAST
United States


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