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The Effects of Switch Training in AAC Intervention on Children with Severe Physical Disabilities

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The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the effects of switch training in AAC intervention on the communication, switch control, and AAC device use of children with severe physical disabilities. This study followed pre-test, AAC intervention with switch training, post-test and generalization. The research design of study was multiple case studies. AAC intervention with switch training comprised of cooperative evaluation by professionals, switch control training, and AAC device use training. The results found in this study were as followed: First, the communication of children (i.e. vocabulary evolution scores and communication behavior scores) is much improved after the post-test. Second, switch control capabilities of children is gradually enhanced in the post-test compared to the pre-test. Third, upgraded AAC device use capabilities of children were found in the post-test, for instance, children was able to handle 45 cells of AAC tools(Mytalkie) instead of 10 cells in the pre-test. This study highlights the importance of cooperative evaluation between professionals and the need for the study of switch training adaptation for children with physical severe disabilities during AAC intervention.


KyungYang Kim    
Korea (Republic of)


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