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Program Of Alternative Communication To Partners Communication from Students with Autism

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The communication has been identified as one of the factors which directly affects the the quality of life of people with a diagnosis of autism.As people diagnosed can often turn out not to have functional speech it is necessary the training of effective communication training program for partners by the use of the Adapted Picture Exchange Communication System Adapted-PECS with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD..The participants were three students without functional speech, the teacher from the classroom of participants 1 and 2, and the mother of participant 3. The communication partners, through a partnership with the researcher applied the Adapted PECS program - in order to establish communication with the youth with ASD. The interventions were carried out in fa classroom of a special education school with participants 1 and 2 by the teacher and in the house of participant by the mother. It was used the intermittent design of multiple baseline between subjects, in which the subject was its own control. The results obtained showed that, from the application of the communication partner training program, the teacher and the mother showed satisfactory development in teaching young people with ASD to communicate through the Adapted-PECS program. It is discussed the importance of prepare communication partners who are able to effectively use the tools to give communication opportunities for young people with ASD.


Fabiana Lacerda Evaristo    
Federal Universicity of Sao Carlos

Iasmin Zanchi Boueri    
Federal University of São Carlos

Maria Amelia Almeida    
Federal University of São Carlos


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