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Teaching Conversational Skills for AAC users through Video Modeling

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Teaching students with complex communication needs to use AAC is challenging. Similarly, in a public school setting, it is difficult to create authentic conversational experiences to increase conversational proficiency for these students. This workshop will demonstrate the benefits of practicing conversational skills through video simulation. During this project over nine students who use AAC participated in first-person video models of conversations with videos of aided AAC input and icon sequences embedded between conversational turns. Participants will learn about the journey an SLP and SPED teacher took implementing a creative intervention with research-based decisions and the exciting student outcomes at a low socioeconomic STEM high school. Make sure you bring your iPad so you can create your own video model from scratch!


Kaylea Hanson    
Northglenn High School STEM, Adams 12 Five Star School District
United States

Camille Harris    
Northglenn High School STEM, Adams12 Five Star School District
United States

Maureen Castillo    
Adams 12 Five Star School District
United States


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