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AAC training for limited guardians

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The UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ensures the right to get support to participate, express and take decisions for everyone.

Linda Björk, Sweden, designed an education in ACC and disability that address guardians and legal administrators. The education aims to give awareness of guardian’s responsibility and role in increasing the participation of the person with disabilities. Some of those who have finished the training course also took a course in Talking Mats.

During the project, she had the opportunity to meet with people in need of AAC and talk to them about participation and guardianship. Most of the people interviewed are very positive about their limited guardian, but they do not know their right to have support for decision-making in their everyday life. They also lack information on why they have a limited guardian.

Within the project, a study has also been done to find out more about the limited guardians in Växjö municipality and the people who are in need of such. With a survey, we have among other things, investigated which training is required and what tasks is considered to be the most difficult as a guardian.

In the presentation Linda Björk will talk about the project's purpose and approach. She will describe the content of the training courses and what consequences it has had for the AAC users whose limited guardian completed the training. She will also tell more about what we have seen in the completed guardianship study


Linda Björk    
Växjö Municipality

Lottie Giertz    
Linnaeus University


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