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AAC Bootcamps for Professionals

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This session will explore the purpose, content and lessons learned from offering five AAC Bootcamps for Professionals between August 2014 and August 2016 in Massachusetts with the aim of participants bringing back a similar model of AAC training for professionals to their locations. It will include reflections on both "behind-the-scenes" pre and post bootcamp experiences and the content and design of the sessions. An administrative focus on the planning stages of working with local school districts to hosting the sessions, advertising and registration and reviewing the post-bootcamp evaluations will allow participants to know what it takes to run this type of professional development. Furthermore, the content of the bootcamps will be reviewed, included a review of the content on the purpose of AAC, the AAC Bill of Rights, AAC options from low- to high-technology, basic AAC assessment, core vocabulary and core vocabulary instruction, implementing AAC in the classroom, instructional techniques, communication competencies and creating motivating activities. Finally, we will look at some of the different projects AAC Bootcamp for Professionals participants completed as part of the sessions.


Kate Ahern    
Easter Seals MA
United States

Kristi Peak-Oliviera    
Easter Seals MA
United States

Susan Malloy    
Easter Seals MA
United States


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