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Building A Mentorship Program for Adolescents and Young Adults Who Use AAC in Alberta, Canada

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This poster documents our team’s journey in conceiving, designing and implementing a regionally contextualized AAC Mentorship Training Program that is web-based, supported by trained instructors and provides opportunities for supervised practice of targeted skills.

Training materials available on the Penn State University website will be utilized. The materials are the outcome of the AAC Mentor Project developed by Dr. Janice Light and Dr. David McNaughton. Participants will move through the lessons at their own individual pace using a distance learning format. Upon completion, mentors will be matched with a protégé or directed to other resources that will assist them in further building their leadership, socio-relational and/or problem solving skills.

Key components of the project that will be covered in this poster session include:
 Developing valid pre-post training evaluation measures;
 Training the instructors;
 Recruiting qualified individuals to serve as mentors;
 Developing and piloting a reliable and secure website platform for mentorship training and mentors to connect with protégés and/or other mentors;
 Identifying protégés who would benefit from the program;
 Matching mentors with protégés and;
 Gathering information on provincial and local disability resources.

The authors disclose they have no financial or other interest in objects or entities mentioned in this paper.


Averill Tate    
Alberta Health Services

J. River Wilson    
Alberta Health Services

Bruce Helmbold    
Alberta Health Services

Kim Adams    
University of Alberta

Jenelle MacDonald    
University of Alberta

Chandra Round    

Sheree Wyness    


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