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AAC apps’ salient features, accessibility issues and possible solutions

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As speech is just one of the many forms of communication methods, using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is an important alternative for people with Complex Communication Needs (CCN). By using AAC, many people with CCN, including the presenter who is an AAC user that teaches several graduate level classes at George Mason University in the United States, can have more opportunities for social interaction, education, employment, self-esteem, etc. As mobile touch screen technology emerges, various communication applications (a.k.a. apps) have been developed. Mobile technology can serve as an excellent communication tool to help children and adults with CCN. During this session, the presenter will 1) share her own experience with utilizing a variety of AAC systems in her teaching career and introduce her AAC course in the newly developed fully online Assistive Technology program of the Special Education Department at George Mason University; 2) introduce various up-to-date communication apps and review the salient features of different communication apps; and 3) discuss accessibility issues and suggest possible solutions for those who may need alternative methods to access a touch screen.


Yoosun Chung    
George Mason University
United States


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