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KinesicMouse: More-Than-Meets-the-Eye Head and Face Controlled Mouse

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Advances in technology not only increase reliance on day-to-day use of technology, but also fuel the expectation and desire to keep pace with these changes. For individuals with physical disabilities, using a computer system to its full potential can be a very limiting and frustrating experience. Particularly for those with decreased upper extremity function, efficient access and operation, such as shortcut keyboard commands and mouse control can be very challenging. KinesicMouse by Xcessity Software Solutions is a head and face controlled mouse which enables completely hands-free computer access. KinesicMouse software works in combination with Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox One camera and utilizes the 3D camera features to detect head movement and facial expressions. KinesicMouse can be set up to detect more than 50 facial expressions to perform custom keyboard commands and mouse control of a PC. An equipment trial with a diverse sample population will enable these authors to highlight the advantages of KinesicMouse as an access method for use with individuals with a range of physical abilities. Two cases will be presented which demonstrate KinesicMouse as an unprecedented, innovative and relatively inexpensive access method, and case-informed recommendations will be shared.


Michael Cullen    
West Park Healthcare Centre

Suzanne Scinto    
West Park Healthcare Centre

Marc Tasipit    
West Park Healthcare Centre


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