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Daily Decision Making of Adults with Severe Communication Problems: Perspectives from Professional Caregivers

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Including individuals with severe communication problems in decisions of daily living present a common challenge for caregivers. For adults with severe communication problems, decision making is more of a process in which evidence for a particular decision is gathered over time rather than a communicated choice due to challenges in communication competence and/or cognitive competence. This study investigates caregivers’ descriptions of the decision-making processes and interactions with adults with severe communication problems they work with. It includes 20 pairs of direct support caregivers and adults with severe communication problems who live in group homes. Preliminary results suggest that caregivers are task-oriented in the decision-making process and struggle to adequately include the adults they care for in decisions. Implications for further research and professional development will be presented.


Lindsey Ogle    
Indiana University
United States

Erna Alant    
Indiana University
United States


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