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Language Components Targeted in IEP Goals/Objectives for Students Who Use AAC

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Past research has found that IEP goals of students who use AAC often focus solely on isolated language skills pertaining to the use of AAC, rather than targeting specific academic standards. This poster describes which language domains are targeted in IEP goals/objectives for children who use AAC. Each IEP was reviewed using a frequency count to determine a percentage of goals and objectives that specifically address each language domain (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, or pragmatics). Each AAC user was described with respect to his/her academic needs, educational diagnoses, and summary of special education services. Implications for assessment and instruction have been delineated. Limitations of the study and needs for further research are discussed.


Gale Rice    
Fontbonne University
United States

Laura O'Hara    
Fontbonne University
United States


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