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A Narrative Review of Research on the Play of Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Spontaneous play has important implications for children’s social, cognitive, and linguistic development. For children with cerebral palsy, play experiences may be shaped by a number of factors including mobility and dexterity restrictions, communication means, and the social environment. While the general participation of children with CP in home and community life has been well explored to date, their play interactions and the factors impacting on these have not been a major focus. This poster presents the findings of a narrative review into the play behaviours and play experiences of children with cerebral palsy. Implications for future research and clinical practice in this area will also be explored.


Kate Anderson    
Deakin University

Karen Stagnitti    
Deakin University

Susan Balandin    
Deakin University

Jane Edwards    
Deakin University

Kelli Nicola-Richmond    
Deakin University


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