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Keeping in Touch and Growing Together: Deafblind AAC Camp

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Deafblindness is a low incidence disability and even in Asia, where the population of people with disabilities is so high, the children are scattered through the districts, hills and islands. Children who rely on tactile communication as a major way of accessing information, learning and communicating, are often at a great disadvantage as their teachers have had little actual experience and therefore poor confidence, knowledge and range of strategies to guide them. Organizing a one-week camp at a farm, bringing together students with deafblindness from the different schools across Thailand with their teachers and inviting students studying special education to volunteer support seemed a great way to meet several goals. This workshop discusses our learning from these experiments and opens the discussion to the group to identify other ways to build teacher capacity in implementing AAC and opportunities for students to have rich and appropriate communication and peer interaction opportunities.


Kansinanat Thongbai    
Perkins International Asia/Pacific Program-Thailand

Nitha Ungsuprasert    
Communication Literacy Universal Education Centre


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