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How and What do SLPs and Parents Learn about AAC Online?

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In this presentation we will examine the asynchronous online learning options currently available to SLPs and parents looking to extend their AAC knowledge and skills. This paper draws on the results of interview and focus groups with parents and SLPs, as well as a snapshot observation of the web-based AAC resources offered at present. Data reveal that the internet provides a plethora of potentially useful resources, ranging from self-directed AAC courses to practical tips on AAC activities, device maintenance, and free-to-download materials. Parents’ and SLPs’ views on the benefits and drawbacks to online content will be discussed, and some examples of popular asynchronous resources will be showcased. Finally, we will consider future implications and directions for practice in this area.


Kate Anderson    
Deakin University

Paul Andres    
Prentke-Romich Deutschland

Susan Balandin    
Deakin University

Roger Stancliffe    
The University of Sydney


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