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Presence and use of AAC resources in public schools in São Paulo, Brazil

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The objectives of this study were to identify the presence of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) resources designed for students with severe communication disorders at public schools in São Paulo, Brazil; as well as to assess the degree of knowledge regarding the use of these resources. A questionnaire prepared with the resources and equipment’s photos was used to assess the presence and degree of knowledge about them. The results indicated that the most present alternative communication resources were: Notebooks; Computers; Mechanical Switches. The most absent resources were: Roller Ball Mouse; Boardmaker; Switch Adapted Mouse. The equipment and resources that indicated better understanding for use were: computers, notebooks and wireless internet. The equipment and resources which participants indicated not knowing how to use were: Roller Ball Mouse; Boardmaker; Switch Adapted Mouse; Acrylic Holder for Keyboard. These data allowed us to infer specific training courses for those teachers who will work with students with severe communication disorders.


Eduardo José Manzini    
Department of Special Education/Unesp-Brazil

Manoel Osmar Seabra-Junior    
Department of Education/ UNESP-Brazil


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