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Anthony's Story: AAC Access and Beyond

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As the first Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) user in North Dakota, Anthony Arnold has been a pioneer, advocate and mentor in the field of AAC. From his first AAC device in 1985, to his iPad and iPhone, the evolution of technology has provided him the ability to actively engage with the world around him.
Anthony’s technology story began in second grade, with collaboration between his family members and a Prentke Romich consultant. As an adult, Anthony teamed up with BlueSky Designs for accessible mounts for his four communication devices, iPhone, iPad and camera. The resulting capabilities were instrumental in meeting his needs for access, communication and, most of all, independence. This greatly impacts his job performance as a Technical Support Technician for Prentke Romich Company, a position he has held for over 15 years. His custom phone and camera mounts with the functional capabilities he requested, along with his feedback, have contributed to the development of new products on the market.
This session focuses on empowerment through technology which promotes independence. Anthony Arnold will share his personal experience as an AAC and a moveable mounting system user. He will explain how the evolution of technology has impacted his relationships, professional development, social well-being, safety and, most importantly, his independence. He will provide a better understanding of how matching the correct technology to a person’s needs in all environments can impact their quality of life, extending beyond the increased ability to communicate.


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