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Parent Communication During Shared Book Reading with Girls with Rett Syndrome

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Little research has investigated the types of communication that parents use with their daughters with Rett syndrome during shared reading, an engaging activity that facilitates parent-child communication. This study describes the communication that mothers use during shared reading with their daughters with Rett syndrome when reading familiar and unfamiliar books before and after learning a print referencing strategy. Eleven shared reading interactions between mothers and daughters were recorded over the course of three-four weeks. During each shared reading, mothers read a familiar or unfamiliar book. Then, mothers were taught a print referencing strategy and read familiar or unfamiliar books for 11 more sessions. All shared reading interactions were transcribed and analyzed for similarities and differences across conditions. The resulting information can be used to refine the ways that parents communicate with daughters with Rett syndrome in order to ultimately improve the girls’ language, literacy, and communication outcomes.


Allison Dennis    
Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
United States


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