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Autoscopy as a tool for teacher training in Recurssos Multifunction room in Rio de Janeiro

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To provide educational quality to students designed to receive the benefits from the National Policy on Special Education under the Perspective of Inclusive Education proposed by the Brazilian educational system, it is necessary to offer in-service continuing education to teachers in order to increase knowledge, update practices, and attend the everyday school life demands of each student. In an attempt to cooperate with the teacher continuing education, this study was conducted with the purpose of examining the effects of the teachers autoscopy process on their teaching practices. A quasi-experimental single subject design was implemented with two multifunctional resource room teachers who teach speechless students in three phases. The first phase encompassed four 30 - minute baseline sessions, that involved the video recording of teacher - student interaction in an instructional session conducted at their multifunction resource rooms. In the intervention phase the teachers were submitted to the autoscopy process that consisted of presenting episodes of the recorded videos to the group of researchers and other subjects. After these presentations, each subject was first invited to reflect on her own teaching procedures, followed by the analyzes and suggestions presented by the other ones. Data on teacher performance before and after the intervention will be presented to evaluate the effects of autoscopy process.


Thatyana Silva    
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Leila Regina Nunes    
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Claudia Togashi    

Gabriela de Souza    


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