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Developing Participation: An AAC Model for Practitioners, Parents, and Children

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Aim: The presenters will introduce a protocol I Communicate: Hearing Them Into Voice, a research based tool developed by Sharon Rogers that represents a paradigm shift in how we look at communication for children with complex communication profiles. Additionally, an intervention program is offered that integrates best practices for practitioners, parents, and children to foster communication participation at home, school, and in the community. The environment and a child’s body functions are incorporated into “meaningful activities and participation” as proposed by Vygotsky (1986). The functional protocol and participation based intervention program operate within the framework of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health-- Children and Youth (ICF-CY, 2007).
Method: I Communicate: Hearing Them Into Voice (Rogers, 1999) allows practitioners, parents, and caregivers to get on the same page validating and augmenting children’s communication. Celebrate success by teaching crosses five developmental stages including Getting Started, to Building Fundamentals, Making Connections, Bridging Skills, and finally Maximizing Potential. We visually outline meaningful components for participation in each stage: social interaction, communication skills and activities, facilitator strategies, vocabulary, literacy, tools and access, and troubleshooting.
Results: Participants will walk away with a research-based protocol that captures the communication skills of a child with a complex communication profile and a plan to address participation.
Anecdote: Participants will learn through many anecdotes including Max a boy with autism that embraces a new environment and learning through authentic engagement.
Disclosure: Authors disclose they have no financial or other interest in objects or entities mentioned in this presentation.


Lesley Mayne    
California Baptist University
United States

Rogers Sharon    
United States


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