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Balancing MultiModal Communication: What girls with Rett Syndrome are teaching the experts about eye-gaze etc.

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This session will include talking points from experts who have learned from 100s of girls with Rett Syndrome about what multi-modal communication means. Having access to a communication system all day long is a basic right, and when the high tech system involves eye gaze, it can be complicated. Health issues, apraxia, anxiety, and eye strain can all impact communication skills. Looking at the screen instead of a communication partner can impact social skills, though having voice output can relieve the pressure on a partner to carry both sides of the conversation. Ways to maximize high tech, ask for breaks, and design robust systems for off-computer communication will be discussed. The audience will have an opportunity for follow-up questions.


Kate Ahern    
AAC Teacher in private practice, AT Specialist Easter Seals MA
United States

Linda Burkhart    
Private Practice; Linda Burkhart
United States

Judy Lariviere    
Private Practice
United States

Caroline Musselwhite    
Private Practice: AAC Intervention
United States

Susan Norwell    
Co-Founder, Instructor: Rett University
United States

Deanna Wagner    
United States

Rosie Clark    
Woodlands School
United Kingdom


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