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Core word templates to scaffold language development in Proloquo2Go

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One of the key challenges towards effective AAC implementation is that the majority of speech-language pathologists and special educators have had little training in AAC. Yet, they need to support beginning AAC users and their families on the path towards language development and communication. Scaffolding provided by the AAC device or app can thus make a real difference.

While Proloquo2Go has offered a core word vocabulary for several years, we observed that many AAC users were instead using activity specific pages created by their therapists or teachers. These pages often consisted mostly of nouns, providing little opportunity for communications functions other than requesting. To address this problem we developed the concept of core word and activity templates for Proloquo2Go 4.

Templates consist of a balanced combination of pronouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives and conjunctions with space reserved for context specific nouns. The positions of core words match those of the home page of the vocabulary. For each major category of fringe pages a template was designed with the most relevant core words at 23 different grid-sizes. Additionally, activity templates were designed to provide support for robust activity pages. Any time a user creates a new page, they are guided to select the appropriate template and get a clinically selected set of core words to create sentences around the topic of the page. In this presentation we will discuss how templates can help to design solid activities and other pages that provide a pathway towards use of the full core word vocabulary.


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