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A new "way to say" AAC - A multi-disciplinary approach to AAC

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THE "MODI DI DIRE" ASSOCIATION (“Ways Of Saying” Association) was founded in Prato (Tuscany) in 2008. Its founders were a group of parents whose children had complex, severely disabling communication needs. While free Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) therapies were offered by the Local Health Centre (Azienda Sanitaria Locale – ASL), they were insufficient to meet demand, and so the Modi di Dire group was formed to supplement these services. Today, Modi di Dire is an accredited centre and has been approved by the Local Health Authorities to offer specialized AAC therapies. The multi-disciplinary team consists of a psychiatrist, psychologist, neuro-psychometrist and a speech therapist. Since its inception, an intervention protocol has been established which puts the child and its environment at the centre of its practice. This starts with an initial evaluation of the child’s
existing communication capacities, the communication opportunities with regard to his environment and his partners and the constraints that (s)he faces. All results of AAC intervention strategies are freely shared between providers of the various services accessed by these children. This reflects the view that such an approach is an essential condition for good outcomes and is central to the AAC approach. Thanks to the global adoption of this approach, and the work of our organization, we have made possible systemic interventions designed to help children in their own environments. Currently, there are approximately 50 children in our centre whose lives have been immeasurably improved as a result of this work.


Giulietta Belli    
Modi Di Dire Onlus Association

Antonio Pagni Fedi    
Modi Di Dire Onlus Association

Camilla Ricci    
Modi Di Dire Onlus Association


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