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AAC Training School at Centro Benedetta D'Intino Onlus: 20 Years of Experience

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An AAC Training School: 20 Years of Experience
This report is referred to our AAC Training School based in Milano, Italy.
In the past 20 years the School has trained 682 professionals from the fields of Medicine, Psychology,
Rehabilitation and special education. They have become a point of reference all over the country, actively
promoting a model of care based on the rights to participation and communication for people with
complex communication needs in families, schools, community centers and rehabilitation facilities.
Every year the AAC School has increased the number of training opportunities with second level courses
and in depth seminars which have often involved renowned international researchers and practitioners of
AAC field.
In this report we will provide detailed information and data on our past training activities and our projects
for the future.


Aurelia Rivarola    
Centro Benedetta D'Intino Onlus

Emanuela Maggioni    
Centro Benedetta D'Intino Onlus


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