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Using Digital Media in Preservice AAC Education

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Without access to AAC-knowledgeable professionals, it is unlikely that individuals with AAC needs will fully develop their communicative potential. Strong pre-service education in AAC is critical for future professionals in the fields of speech-language pathology, special education, occupational therapy, and other disciplines. Unfortunately, most university programs struggle to accomplish this. Even when AAC coursework is offered, instructors have difficulty providing adequate depth and breadth of AAC content. In this presentation, we explore digital tools that can be used to engage future professionals, build their ability to apply AAC principles and practices, and extend their learning. Participants will learn about apps and websites to build interactive activities and discover new resources for disseminating AAC information. Digital tools that are available for free or low cost will be demonstrated along with examples of their use in clinical and academic settings.


Carole Zangari    
Nova Southeastern University
United States


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