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The Words, Whys and Ways to Implement Core Word Vocabulary in Schools

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Classrooms are busy environments. Teachers and their support team work hard to implement the mandated curriculum and learning objectives. How are these objectives met for students with little or no speech? How are the curriculum and learning expectations modified and adapted for these students? How can we achieve the best possible outcomes for them to become successful and independent communicators and learners? What we know is that all students have a chance at this, given the right tools, strategies and support! An AAC system set up with core word vocabulary provides students with a bank of common high frequency words, surrounded by fringe or supplementary vocabulary. We know that educational teams can achieve amazing results in communication and learning when they work together to implement core word vocabulary. This paper will take a practical look at how you can use core word vocabulary in your lessons. We will discuss how and why words can be selected to allow for the best opportunities for language development. Further, we will highlight how different communication functions can be taught and modeled, so that students move on from simple requesting functions, and give them more reasons to communicate. We will also provide demonstrations of how the words and word combinations can be modeled on an AAC system. Supporting educational teams to choose the words, the whys and the ways on their AAC system, is really the best possible way to implement core word vocabulary!


Jennifer Marden    

Amanda Hartmann    


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