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Semantic Intervention in AAC: Engaging Learners with Digital Media

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Vocabulary learning is a priority for many individuals with AAC needs who have already achieved foundational skills with core words. Without ongoing instruction in semantics, students who use AAC are likely to have immature lexicons throughout their school years. How can we design interventions to help these individuals continue to develop their word knowledge and expressive vocabularies? In this presentation, characteristics of effective vocabulary instruction are reviewed, along with a discussion of how digital media can be used to build semantic skills. Participants will learn about different types of apps and websites that can be used for vocabulary building in therapy sessions, classroom lessons, and home practice experiences. Case examples illustrate ways in which personal and online dictionaries, avatars, collage building apps, and digital storytelling tools can be used to engage the learner in effective vocabulary instruction.


Carole Zangari    
Nova Southeastern University
United States


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