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Digital Framework for Accessible Information

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Digital data framework to store and present different information in accessible formats, as of the Universal Design concept. It allows cohesive use of speech synthesis features, large and high contrast source, audio description, audio explanation, Libras language (Brazilian Sign Language) videos, simple language or supported with pictograms, images and other digital resources. This structure also allows the organization and sub-division in view steps, allowing a sequence of appearance of user-chosen accessibility features to be set. For proof of concept, it was developed an Android App that allows viewing of accessible information in different ways, depending on user need. This Android App is fully configurable for different forms of use and display, and you can use it with different approaches in areas such as education, culture, sports or news.


Rodrigo Cintra Vasquez Dias    
DCA-FEEC State University of Campinas

Miryam Bonadiu Pelosi    
Department of Occupational Therapy, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


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