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Millars' Eastern Tour

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This poster will introduce me as an individual with complex communication needs (CNN). As someone who uses 2 switches to access my communication system, access to social media offers some unique challenges. I used my family vacation as an opportunity to explore the technical and clinical implementation of alternative access to social media. This poster will document my reasons for using Facebook, and demonstrate my custom arrays required for using this tool. This poster will highlight the pros and cons of using social media during my trip, such as being fun, reinforcing, a permanent record of my trip, difficulty uploading pictures, amount of time required to create posts, and the challenge of having a consistently good internet connection during my trip. I will share, through the poster, the feedback I provided to my team to make access to social media better for me, and suggestions that might help other individuals with CCN who use switches to access social media.


Samantha Millar    


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