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Training police to obtain an effective statement from crime victims with CCN who use AAC

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Individuals with complex communication needs (CCN) are four to ten times more likely to be victims of violence and abuse than people without disabilities. They usually do not report their victimization to the police and when they do they are often either not believed or the police fail to obtain an effective statement. Without a complete and accurate statement about the violence or abuse, their claims cannot go to trial. Our researched indicated that police officers felt that they were not equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to take a statement from people with CCN and those using AAC.
This workshop will:
1. Describe the challenges that police officers face in taking statements when a victim has CCN.
2. Identify needed vocabulary to be able to provide a credible statement
3. Identify key factors needed to give an accurate and complete statement
4. Discuss the importance of effective interviewing
5. Role play obtaining a statement from a person with CCN
Attendees will leave with a low technology communication board that was used during the police training in South Africa as well as a sample training agenda.


Diane Nelson Bryen    
Temple University & University of Pretoria
United States

Juan Bornman    
Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
South Africa

Robyn White    
Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
South Africa


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