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Consistent Structure – Individual Trainings

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Consistent communication boards, binders, and devices facilitate enormously the daily work of SLPs and teachers. But how we can do specific and individualized trainings in vocabulary acquisition, grammar, and pragmatics while working with consistent communication aids for different students?
Even though the impact of core vocabulary is well known at the community of AAC, there are only few low tech and high tech systems which have integrated core and fringe vocabulary in a linguistic based structure that support students with CCN to communicate in an easy, fast, and flexible way. Based on almost 10 years research on developing a consistent AAC System, many experiences in successful AAC training confirm that individual AAC training is possible while using a consistent AAC system (boards, binders, device). Reflecting the current research results for English speaking students the Cologne AAC system and some teaching materials are now translated and adapted into the English language.
Workshop´s goals: Consistent AAC system for different students on different levels is possible; research data and long-term planning are necessary; consistent communication aids make daily work for SLPs and teachers much easier.
Based on current core vocabulary research the participants learn, how to design communication boards which includes all parts of words and which grow with the students language acquisition, main teaching principles, and how to extend individually the vocabulary and the grammar skills without changing the system.
During this workshop the participants will be involved in exercises and teaching strategies for their own practice.


Jens Boenisch    
University of Cologne

Stefanie Sachse    
University of Cologne


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