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AAC Service Delivery: Caregiver Coaching Works!

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The art of providing augmentative communication services with children 0-3 and their families requires unique knowledge and skills. Professionals will enter into collaborative relationships with families. Current research suggests that children with complex communication needs benefit from the same early language and literacy opportunities experienced by typically developing children. Research also suggests that Caregiver Coaching within Family Guided Routines Based Intervention is not only a preferred strategy by communication partners, but translates into successful outcomes. Coaching is more than modeling and combining augmentative communication interventions with coaching takes practice and skill. Routines Based Family Guided Assessment and Coaching Intervention strategies and other resources will be shared.

Through a video case presentation of assessment and intervention activities in the home, we will discuss how we arrived at potential solutions. The 22 month old child presented has motor, language, hearing and vision challenges. All children need opportunities to move beyond basic choices so that they have access to vocabulary that doesn’t disappear and to allow for autonomous and authentic communication. Both light tech and simple speech generating devices are used during communication, literacy and play activities. Participants will observe the family directly in assessment activities and being coached during intervention activities. Decisions were guided by the family’s priorities. Implementation of a Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Display (PODD) communication book by the parents in their home routines and tips for success will be shared.


Karen Casey    
Durham CDSA
United States


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