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Collaborating for Success: Regional Collaborative Service Delivery for Children and Youth with CCN in Alberta

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The need for multi-disciplinary teams has long been established in the AAC literature. However, teaming around children and youth who use AAC can be challenging especially when provision of supports and services comes from more than one Ministry (SLPs and OTs from Health; teachers and EAs from Education; Early Childhood Supports from Health and Human Services). This session will focus on the work being done to date to reduce these challenges through the Regional Collaborative Service Delivery approach in Alberta.
The RCSD is a partnership among school authorities, Alberta Health Services (AHS), Human Services and other community stakeholders. Focusing collaboration across the partners, the mandate of RCSD is to ensure that children and youth with complex communication needs (CCN) who require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and their families have access to the supports they need to be successful at school and in community. This session will present the work done to date to support children and youth with CCN through the RCSD approach. Participants will learn about work being done at the provincial and regional levels and how this approach is building collaborative teams and changes practices.


Kathy Howery    
Government of Alberta

Roy McConnell    
Government of Alberta


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