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Evidence-based Literacy Intervention and Apps for Individuals Who Require AAC

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This session will present evidence-based instruction and AAC apps to support the literacy development of individuals with complex communication needs who require AAC, including young children and older individuals with a range of disabilities. The session will describe the components of effective evidence-based intervention included direct instruction in basic skills (e.g., phonological awareness, letter sound correspondences, decoding/ encoding, sight word recognition) as well as numerous opportunities to use these skills in meaningful reading and writing activities. The session will also describe the development and evaluation of innovative AAC apps to support the transition to literacy skills for individuals who require AAC. Research results will be presented to demonstrate the effects of the literacy instruction and apps; videotaped case examples will be used to illustrate language and literacy outcomes.


Janice Light    
Penn State University
United States

David McNaughton    
Penn State University
United States

Jessica Gosnell Caron    
Penn State University
United States


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