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AAC for Children with Autism: How Clinical Specialists Approach Assessment

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Aim: This session will present the results of a study examining the clinical decision making of AAC specialists/experts when assessing children with autism.

Methods: Three speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who specialize in AAC were video recorded assessing a child with autism. The videos were analyzed and coded qualitatively for what the clinician assessed and how he/she assessed it. After viewing the video, the lead researcher conducted semi-structured interviews with the SLPs to further explore how the participants approached the assessment and the rationale for their decision-making process. Researchers analyzed the interview data using NVIVO software. Video data was coded using themes derived from previous research.

Results/Conclusions: The results of this portion of the project will lead to development of an AAC assessment protocol for children with autism.


Shelley Lund    
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
United States

Miechelle McKelvey    
University of Nebraska - Kearney
United States

Wendy Quach    
San Jose State University
United States

Kristy Weissling    
University of Nebraska Lincoln
United States


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