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Publishing in the AAC Journal - Strategizing for Success

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The AAC journal serves as the official journal of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC). This interactive discussion forum will describe the submission and review process for the AAC journal. Information will be provided on the mission and priorities of the AAC journal and current trends in publication in AAC. The role of the editors, associate editors, and reviewers will be explained. Strategies that authors can use to support a successful outcome for their manuscript will be shared. These strategies include defining an important and sound topic, preparing a manuscript for submission, responding to feedback from reviewers, and helping others in the field become aware of work that has been published in AAC. Strategies that reviewers can use to ensure high quality constructive reviews of manuscripts will also be discussed. The session will provide opportunities for questions and answers as well as discussion of future directions for the journal.


Martine Smith    
Trinity College Dublin


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