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Developing communication support for elderly people with cognitive impairments in the IN LIFE project

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This paper presents the IN LIFE project, in which six countries participate to improve the possibilities of an independent and functional everyday life for elderly people with cognitive impairments.
Solutions will support home activities, communication, health maintenance, travel, mobility and socialization tasks.
This paper focuses on the activity of increasing the possibilities for socialization and communication.

User communication needs will be investigated through idea seminars, workshops and interviews. A set of web based communication support modules and a guidebook for carers will then be developed and evaluated with users from the target groups.
The web app environment will focus on participation and conversation and include a basic content as well as possibilities for personalization.
In addition, a multilingual lexical resource with focus on the daily needs of elderly persons will be developed and evaluated together with users. Materials aimed at communication partners will also be prototyped.

As the project work is ongoing, there are no final overall results available at this time. In the presentation, we will outline the status of the work done so far, present the results of the workshops, the prototype of the web app environment and the status of the multilingual lexical resource.

Further steps will include specifying and developing the application prototypes and to evaluate them together with participants from the target group. These evaluations will show if the system meets the users’ needs of a simple and user-friendly app environment that functions as a conversation and communication tool.


Sandra Derbring    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Margret Buchholz    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Katarina Mühlenbock    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Mats Lundälv    
Blissymbolics Commmunication International


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